Weigh-in for 2/23: Making it right

Current weight: 285
Difference from last entry: -5
Difference from 2008 starting weight (290.5): -5.5

This could’ve been a very, very bad week. I had a really rough weekend last weekend. I made some extremely stupid choices food- and eating-wise, and it showed almost immediately. My weigh-in for Sunday was around 288, and my weigh-in on Monday morning was 290. How I gained 4.5 pounds in a couple of days is something I don’t want to face. I went batshit crazy on my eating. We ate out a lot last weekend, and I made poor choices while doing so. But worse was snacking. I was constantly snacking on bad stuff… potato chips, dip, ice cream… it’s like I totally reverted to my old habits.

Actually, it’s not just “like I totally reverted.” I did revert to my old ways, my old habits. I was eating too many sweets. I as eating because I was bored. I was eating at night, between dinner and bedtime. I was scrounging around the house to find sweet things to eat. My sweet tooth is always a problem, but it fired up big-time for some reason. Actually, the reason is probably low self-control. But there had to be more than that. And that is something that I will need to investigate. Stress, emotions, lack of sleep… that all played in.

That was last weekend, though, and I want to concentrate on the week. I knew I needed to make up for my bad weekend, and I had to work to get my weight back down. I am really in the habit of getting over to the rec center for a long walk and some weight training, so I did that three times last week. I’ve been getting in 35 minute walks, plus weights. I also had one day where I went for a walk around the park by work. it is a huge park with a great walking track. I walked for a little more than an hour. I also stayed within my daily Points range through most of the week. Add that all up, and I lost all of that extra weight, plus a half-pound. So this was mostly an excellent week.

And I needed that, to make things right.

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