Why do I want to lose weight?

At the WeightWatchers meeting this week, one of the questions for discussion was: “Why do I want to lose weight?” I figured that would make a great topic for a journal entry, so here I am.

Why I want to lose weight:

  • So I don’t have a heart attack when I am 40
  • So my children are not embarrassed of me when they are of school age
  • So I can keep up with my kiddos while we play
  • So my wife and I can snuggle closer
  • So I have more stamina for physical activities
  • So I can wear some of the cool clothes I have stored away in the basement
  • So my lower back stops hurting
  • So I can finally fit into the Hawaiian shirt that is actually from Hawaii
  • So I can feel less self-conscious, and maybe even attractive
  • So I can fit into rides at Elitch Gardens
  • So I can prove to myself that I can manage my weight

That’s what comes to mind right now. Feel free to leave comments below, sharing the reasons you want to lose weight.

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