Weigh-in for 2/16: Exercise!

Current weight: 285.5
Difference from last entry: -3.5
Difference from 2008 starting weight (290.5): -5

This was a very interesting week. I’ve had kind of a rough time keeping my snacking under control. Well, strike that. I’ve had a hell of a bad week food-wise. I’ve been snacking, and not making very good choices food-wise in general. For example, on the night of my WeightWatchers weigh-in, I had a spicy chicken sandwich and a double stack from Wendys. Why? ‘cuz I was friggin’ starving. I let too much time go between lunch and dinner. And I didn’t eat enough for lunch. So when it was time for dinner, I grabbed the first things that sounded good to me. And my choice was horrible!

The rest of my week kinda went that way. Not as bad – that was by far my worst meal. But I also have been going above and beyond my Points allotment for the day, and for the week. By all rights, I should have gained weight over this week! But I made one very important change: Exercise!

That’s right: for the first time in a very long time, I actually got in some regular exercise! I actually did this in two ways: First, I started taking the light rail train into work. The parking spot I chose is about a three-minute walk or so from the light rail station. My office is a good 20-25 minute walk from the light rail station. All told, I was getting in a good 40-45 minute walk each day. But that was quite expensive, both money-wise ($6 for a round trip) and time wise (this added a good hour to each leg of my commute). I was going to keep doing this, but it would’ve been a tremendous – and probably silly – thing to do.

I think I mentioned here before that my wife E and I have a new baby. E hasn’t been getting a lot of sleep because of this. I felt bad about waking E up in the morning – one of the few times she can actually get to sleep – to take my shower. I decided that taking my shower somewhere outside of the house would be a good idea. The perfect place to do that would be at the local rec center. And if I would be there to shower, why not exercise?

So exercise I did. I started out with a one-mile walk around the walking track. I added in a little strength training. I finished things up with a good soak in the hot tub. And I was able to get to work by 8:30. Everything worked so well, that I tried it again the next morning. And then two mornings later. By the third morning, I was up to a 35 minute walk! All in all, I felt great, too. Not just after the workout, but for the rest of the day.

All told, I figure I got in 45 minutes of exercise four times over the last week, plus some weight training thrown in, too. All that exercise helped burn up some calories, as can be seen in my weight for this week. I should’ve gained! But instead I lost.

Oh, and by the way: I am now down 50 friggin’ pounds from the start of 2007!!!!

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