Weigh-in for 2/2: Sick week

Current weight: 289
Difference from last entry: 0
Difference from 2008 starting weight (290.5): -1.5

I have had a horrible, horrible cold all this past week. It’s been bugging me and annoying me all week, and made me miserable enough that I stayed home from work all week. For me, there’s always a toss-up between whether I will eat a lot while I am sick for comfort, or whether I’ll feel too bad to eat at all, and I end up losing a bunch of weight.

This time around, I split the difference. I ate more than I should have, most definitely. I didn’t track my points/food journal through most of the week, because I knew I was being bad. But what I was eating too much of was relatively not bad. Having an extra 3-Point WeightWatchers cookie dough sundae is much better than having a 27-point pint of Ben & Jerry’s cookie dough ice cream. Having a peanut butter and spreadable fruit sandwich adds a lot more nutrition than a bunch of peanut butter cookies. All in all, I thought the trade-offs were acceptable. And it shows in my weight. I oculdn’t have gone too far overboard since I didn’t gain any weight. And my body still ended up getting the nutrition that it needs.

I am 95% over this cold finally, so hopefully I’ll get back to losing weight in the upcoming week.

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