Weigh-in for 12/22: Holiday problems

Current weight: 292.5
Difference from last entry: +1.5
Difference from 2007 starting weight (335.5): -43

Okay, did I really say that I don’t have as much of a problem eating over the Christmas holiday? Turns out that I am a moron! 🙂 This Christmas has turned out to be much more challenging than i expected. I posted earlier this week about  my waning motivation. That, combined with temptation, stress and depression proved far too much to be overcome. So I gave in a little, and over-indulged a little. Nothing completely out of control. Well, maybe Christmas Eve. But otherwise, nothing totally out of control. Just too much pecking, too much nibbling, too much forgetting some of my hard-learned lessons. In other words, I let my guard down.

I have been watching my weight obsessively since Saturday. Checking the scale each day, hoping that it won’t show more weight. It’s not like me, and probably is just a manifestation of my current state of mind. I am hoping that my brain finds a balance sometime soon. I hate being this off.

Lessons learned this week: No matter what, track how much food I eat! It’s during the times when I am over-eating that it is most important to keep a food journal. It is during those times that I don’t want to keep track of what I am eating that I should be doing so.

And one exercise tip: shopping! Wandering around a mall for an hour is an hour of casual walking!

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