Current weight: 294.4
Difference from last entry: -0.6
Difference from 2007 starting weight (335.5): -41.1

So here’s the deal: I didn’t gain any weight. And this is the kind of weight loss that I give my friends kudos about. It is still actual, measurable weight loss. It’s continued progress in the right direction. I need to give myself a pat on the back or continuing to lose weight. Especially since I had a rough week, both food and emotion-wise. I do have to admit that I am disappointed though.

Food-wise, I’ve been wanting to snack a lot more than I want to admit. I dunno why, but I’ve gone from finding it easy not to be tempted to suddenly finding temptation everywhere. Which is kinda what I expected to happen eventually. If it were always easy to avoid over-eating, I wouldn’t have gained all of the weight that I did. I know that there will he hard times. I’ve found myself wanting to snack, mostly on sweets. Gingerbread, cheese, pudding, cake… I dunno if it is the time of the year or what.

I’m trying to work my way around it two ways: by realizing what I am craving, and trying to determine what is causing those cravings. If it is because I’m hungry, I have a little snack. If it is because I am feeling deprived, then I allow myself a little something (e.g. a Weight Watchers 1-pt cake). If it is some other emotion, I’ll try and figure out what I need to do to handle that emotion in a healthier way.

It’s a very stressful time right now, as we head closer and closer to having our third child. There’s good and bad stress, between worrying that there could be problems to imagining how wonderful it will be to hold my daughter in my arms. It’s a great place to be, but it is also easy to use food to help me deal with that stress. I admit that I’ve succumbed a little to that already. I need to find other ways to fret, other ways to hope and enjoy.

As I said earlier, I am also disappointed at only losing a half a pound this week. How could I not be? I’ve lost a bunch of weight every week since I started with Weight Watchers. I love seeing those 2-3 pound losses. And even though realistically I am going to have quite a few of these low-loss weeks (and probably a week every now and then where I either don’t lose or gain a little), I am still disappointed. I want to see that weight go down each and every week!

I know, I am being silly. I will enjoy the fact that, even after a tough week where I didn’t do my best, I still lost weight. And I’ll look forward to the week ahead.

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