Weigh-in for December 1: Recovering from a bad day

Current weight: 295
Difference from last entry: -2
Difference from 2007 starting weight (335.5): -40.5

So last week, I was rather proud of the fact that I managed to get through Thanksgiving with no huge problems. I went over my daily Points by quite a bit, but managed to stay well within my weekly Points allotment. I rightly gave myself a pat on the back. I did some major work to get through the holiday! I wanted to allow myself to feel proud about that.

But the night that I posted that journal entry turned out to be a problem. I took the kids over to my buddies house for a birthday party. My buddy had a ton of snacks/appetizers set out, and her husband cooked hot dogs and burgers. As much as I wanted not to, I nibbled on the snacks (Ranch Wheat Thins, tortilla chips with nacho cheese sauce, Goldfish) and had a cheeseburger. That used up all of my daily points, and a little more of my almost-depleted weekly points.

When I got home from the party, my Mom and Wife were sitting at the table for dinner. My Mom brought some of her famous yams, and I simply could not resist having some. Even though I had just had dinner at my buddy’s house! Needless to say, that used up the rest of my weekly Points. Which means that I had to be careful the next two days.

I wasn’t, though. On Sunday, we baptized our new daughter, and had a big party afterwards. I tried to be careful about points, and I managed to stay within 2/3rds of my daily point range. Which actually isn’t too horrible, when you add it all up. But the day wasn’t done. For dinner, I had more yams, more stuffing, more pie… All told, I used another 20 points or so above my daily allotment! Which put me 20 points or so above my weekly allotment. EEEEK!

I’ve spent the rest of the week trying to recover from such a bad weekend. And I think I have mostly done so. Scale-wise, I definitely have. I was down 1.6 pounds at WeightWatchers, and am down 2 pounds from last Saturday. I have been toning down the portion size that I eat, but I realize now that I need to allow myself to spend a few points for something that I really want… a serving of yams would’ve been fine, for 5 points. But I was trying to deny myself the yams to save points, and that backfired big-time.

Just like always, I’ll get right back on track. As I’ve said many times in the past, the key is in not giving up. As long as one keeps trying, keeps working at it, one will be successful. I’ve learned what happens when one continues to fight, and what happens when one gives up. I’ve done both. To remind myself of that, I have the following written on my bathroom mirror. I see this every morning and every night:

Don’t give up, and never forget.

I know that the road ahead will get bumpy. I’ve been there before. As long as I keep on fighting, and remember what happens when I stop being vigilant, I will be okay.

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