Weigh-in for November 25: One down…

Current weight: 297
Difference from last entry: -2
Difference from 2007 starting weight (335.5): -38.5

There’s one holiday down, two more to go! I was able to get through Thanksgiving without a lot of difficulties, though I did use up almost every single weekly point I get (for those who don’t know, I am following Weight Watchers FlexPlan). There were some excellent tips given in this week’s Weight Watchers at Work (WW@W) meeting this week. Some of the tips I followed are:

  • Don’t let any of the food touch. This forces one to have areas on the plate with no food, which means that one puts less food on one’s plate.
  • Have larger portions of the good stuff (e.g. turkey, salad, veggies) and smaller portions of the bad stuff (sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, pie).
  • Don’t go to the table hungry! Have something healthy before-hand, something with a lot of protein. Being super-hungry leads directly to over-eating.
  • Take time between each bite, and drink a lot of water.

All in all, I ate a lot less than I normally would for Thanksgiving dinner. And I kept track of most everything. I didn’t actually want to enter it into my online PointsTracker (at Weight Watchers website), but I eventually did. And I didn’t do bad. I came up with 62 points, which is 18 over my daily limit. But I still had 32 weekly points at the time, so I was fine. And I still have 14 or so points that I can use through Tuesday. (Note: Not that I will… I like to have 25-30 points left at the end of the week. Just ‘cuz I know that maximizes weight loss. And 44 points is a hell of a lot of points per day. I don’t really need the extra 5.)

What I am still having problems with is exercise. I still haven’t done much at all. Which is eventually going to be a problem. I know that I need to get up and move more, not just for WW, not just for losing weight, not just for gaining muscle mass, but also to help manage my diabetes. But I am so lazy! And I am so adverse to exercise. Somehow I keep talking myself out of it. Which is not good, not good at all.

So I have something to work on over the next few weeks.


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