Weigh-in: Back on track

Current weight: 302
Difference from last entry: -8.5
Difference from 2007 starting weight (335.5): -33.5

So, I think I can definitively that last week’s weigh-in was most definitely a fluke. It had to have been water weight. There’s no other way I could’ve dropped 8 pounds in a week. It is simply not possible! So this had to have had an extenuating circumstance. And the only one that really makes sense is that I gained a bunch of water weight last week, and I have shed that by drinking the correct amount of water every day since I got back from my trip.

This makes a lot more sense, though. I have been doing most excellent on Weight Watchers since I got back from my trip. I’ve been following the program religiously, making sure that I get in my 44 daily points (except for the first day back) and not really touching my weekly bonus points. I am not surprised to have lost weight. I expect to continue to do so until I get to my goal weight. I am dedicated to the plan, and I am motivated to lose weight. And it shows!

I might hit 300 pounds next week. I could conceivably be under that weight next week! Though no matter what happens next week, I am now the lightest I’ve been since the fall of 2001! It’s the healthiest I’ve been since fall of 2001. I just have to remember that in 2001, I fell off track. And I didn’t recover until this year. That was 6 years of steady weight gain. All because I refused to do what I knew I needed. I stopped being part of a support group. I stopped following the guidelines that I know work. I let myself fall back into old habits, instead of continuing with the lifestyle changes that I had learned.

As I continue to be successful, I need to keep an eye out for previous failures. I cannot fall into the same traps again. This IS a lifestyle change. I am dedicated to it now, I need to make sure that I continue to do so when my motivation is low.

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