Weigh-in: Keep on keepin’ on

Current weight: 306.5
Difference from last entry: -2.5
Difference from 2007 starting weight (335.5): -29

I am finally having people tell me that they’ve noticed that I am losing weight. Which is quite awesome, and it is what I have been waiting for. I had figured I just had a malfunctioning scale, or that my pants weren’t as loose as they seemed, or that I was wearing different clothes to my WeightWatchers weigh-in, and that was the reason that I saw the scale going down and down. But now there’s no doubt. I had three different people tell me that I looked less fat last night. That makes five people this week. And that’s enough to convince me that this weight loss is real.

I think that it should be understandable that I am a little hesitant to believe what is happening. It has been so long since I’ve successfully lost weight. I haven’t done it consistently since my son is born. It is apt that I am doing this now, actually. It sorta echoes four years ago. But I have hopefully learned from my mistakes, and I fully plan on not allowing myself to backslide on this. I have done a great job getting myself to this point. I won’t allow myself to throw it all away again.

I learned a lot about foods that I like to have eating out with regards to points. For example, QDoba’s steak nachos clock in at 27 points!! QDoba’s steak quesadilla is right up there, with 26 points. The “cheapest” I found for any of QDoba’s stuff was their burritos, and I couldn’t get those down past 16 points or so.

But that doesn’t even compare to the worst at Baja Fresh. Their steak nachos clock in at an amazingly scary 52 points! 52 points! Basically, if you aren’t going to have tacos at Baja Fresh, then stay away. Their stuff has far too many points for the taste. A better alternative is Taco Bell. A steak soft taco Fresco style = 3 points. A baja steak gordita made fresco style = 5 points. One could have 5 gorditas and still have two points less than an order of nachos from QDoba. That’s a big-time difference.

And that’s been my biggest key to losing all this weight: finding alternatives. Low-fat cheese instead of regular. 6″ fat free tortillas instead of 8″ regular tortillas. Light bread instead of regular. Egg substitute instead of eggs.

Portion control has also been a big part of this. I ate way, way too much of everything. I have trimmed that down a lot. I’ve also started eating reasonable portion sizes of healthy foods, like peanut butter. I’ve mostly cut out sweet drinks (except for my morning latte, which I am more than willing to spend points on). The combination of all of this makes losing weight rather easier than one would think.

Of course, a large part of that is how obese I am. It takes a hell of a lot of calories to maintain 300+ pounds of weight. Cutting back those calories to a sensible level means immediate and consistent weight lose. Just like I am seeing now.

Next week I’ll hit 30 pounds lost for the year. And by the end of the year, I’ll hit a 10% weight loss for this year, AND there’s a good chance I’ll be under 300 pounds. As I’ve said before, those are my goals for the rest of the year.

I will hit those goals.

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