Weigh-in for October 6th, 2007: 20!

Current weight: 314.5
Difference from last entry: -2
Difference from 2007 starting weight (335.5): -21

Okay, so remember back a couple of weeks ago when I said that it was only “nice to see the total number of pounds that I’ve lost.” Turns out, that was bullcrap. Because the fact that I am now down 20 pounds since the beginning of the year is freakin’ awesome! 20 pounds! That is huge! I am actually closing in on both the 310 mark, and inching towards losing 10% of my weight. I should hit the 310 mark this month. Doing the math: 10% would be 33.5 pounds. I’m down 21 already, so I have 14 more to hit that mark. There are 13 weeks left in the year. So I should hit the 10% mark before the year is over! I will have shed 10% of my body weight within a calendar year! How can I not be excited about that?

I am continuing to do the same things that I have been doing for a while. Stick to the Weight Watchers plan. Make intelligent choices for foods to eat. Try to limit portion sizes. Try to be more active, to move more. Be accountable for the foods that I do eat. Be honest with myself about my feelings and cravings. And account for everything that I eat.

And, of course, realize that this is a lifestyle change, not a diet. I’ve always had that problem in the past. I lost weight, but never changed my lifestyle. So I always gained it back, and more. I can’t allow myself to do that this time around. I have to make these changes permanent. That is my overall goal: make these changes permanent.

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