Weigh-in for June 24, 2007

Current weight: 323.5
Difference from last entry: +1
Difference from 2007 starting weight (335.5): -12

Oops! I didn’t mean to miss a week – well, almost a week. The last few days just sorta got past me. Not quite sure how that happened. I still can’t believe it is Thursday! So that probably explains everything. 🙂

I gained a pound last week, and I already know why: alcohol. Alcohol is high-calorie, concentrated carbohydrates. Drinking alcohol does not go well with losing weight. It’s critical than one adjusts what they are eating to compensate for the extra calories. And I simply didn’t do that. I had three mojitos one night, and then three Sprite-and-Mango-Malibu the next night. All told, that’s like an extra 1,200 calories (including the mixers).

Add along with that the fact that we ate out a lot that week. And I made some poor choices for breakfast once or twice. It could’ve been worse.

Oh, I actually wanted to write about that. It could’ve been worse. The only reason it wasn’t is because I actually forced myself up onto the treadmill a couple of nights and got some exercise in. 40 minutes one night, 30 minutes another… It all adds up, and it helped counter my poor choices.

So I know what I need to do now. Don’t drink anywhere near as much as I was. Don’t eat out as often as I did. And stick with the exercise.

Or: eat less and exercise. 🙂

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  1. The security code that is posted is usually such a challenge for me that I give up with making a comment after a few tries – especially if I’ve forgotten to save the comment before submitting it. (Once the comment is submitted, it is gone and needs to be rewritten before being submitted again). This time, though, the security image looks easy.

    Okay . . . Congratulations on getting rid of the pound and the general direction that your weight is going.
    Alcohol is pretty much on my Do Not Eat list. On the one hand, I want a 2nd glass after the first and a 3rd after the 2nd and so on. On the other hand, my self discipline to resist stuff I shouldn’t be eating also goes down. It seems like you did well using the exercise to mitigate the negative effects of the booze. Yaaaaaaaaaaay.

  2. Thanks for responding, Arlene. I don’t understand why you are having problems with the security code, though. I’ve tested it multiple times since you left your comments, and didn’t have a problem at all. Are you entering the letters in their correct case?

    Anyway, thanks for the kind words. I just need to recover from vacations now. 🙂

  3. I can’t easily figure out the letters. They seem like a perception test. I sometimes experience this on Blogger, but never to the same extent. For example, right now I have entered gBX3T5, but the X could actually be a K. We’ll see. I’m going to copy this before I submit it. Thanks for responding to my last comment.

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