Weigh-in for Father’s Day 2007

Current weight: 322.5
Difference from last entry: -2
Difference from 2007 starting weight (335.5): -13

Wow! Wow o wow o wow! I had to look at the scale a few times to believe that weigh-in. I had to look up the last time that I’ve been at less than 323 pounds (November 15, 2005 according to my journal). It’d be even more interesting to go back and see the last time when I’ve had a period where I’ve consistently lost this much weight. I’m down 13 pounds from the start of the year. 13! That’s huge!

Now look, I know that I am still horrendously overweight. I also know that 322.5 pounds is nothing to be proud of. But I also realize that I am showing some success losing weight here. And that is something to be proud of.

Even moreso is the way that I have lost the last bit of weight. This isn’t just from being sick. I’ve done a better job at controlling what I am eating, and portion sizes for what I am eating. I have been using the PalmOS version of eDiets Mobile. While I’m no longer an eDiets member, I do really like that app. It’s a combination food diary, exercise journal, calorie calculator/counter and tracker. It helps keep me honest, about what I eat and drink, as well as how much I eat and drink.That’s eexactly the type of thing that I need.

I haven’t worked much exercise into my routine yet, but I blame most of that on still recovering from strep throat. Even though most of my symptoms are gone, I still feel run down/worn out as my body finishes fighting off this infection. Hopefully once I’m through fighting this (and I hope I am now; my last dose of antibios will be tonight), I can try fitting some activity into my life.

But all and all, I am pleased!

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