Portion sizes

I’ve been struggling with portion sizes for… well, most of my life actually. As E likes to point out, I do fairly well with portion sizes for meals. It’s snacks and drinks where portion sizes dooms me. I am much more likely to grab a 44 ounce soda than a 12oz, for example. When I am presented with a choice, the 12oz seems like a rip-off. There’s a part of my brain that says, “Pah! That’s a wimpy drink! That is nowhere near large enough for us. Now that swimming pool there. THAT is a drink!”

I am trying to slowly reduce portion sizes. I’ve changed from always getting a Venti (Starbucks) or Big Joe (Peaberry Coffee) -sized latte to getting a grande. And every now and then I surprise myself by ordering a small. The small is probably the size I should be getting. That still gives me the taste that I’m craving along with a caffeine fit, but doesn’t ratchet up the calories and sugars. It’s a tough, tough plan to follow though.

Water actually makes this a little tougher. I try and get in at least 64 oz of water a day, and actually shoot for 128oz. To keep from constantly running between my desk and the water fountain all day, I keep a 32-oz water bottle at my desk. A few times a day, I go to the break room, fill it up with ice and water and then drink from that for the next few hours. So I am getting myself accustomed to using a massive cup to drink from. True, it’s water and not something with calories. But it still sets that expectation for serving size.

Or does it?

I dunno. All I know for certain is that I need to cut portion sizes way down. And that may just be the hardest thing I do while trying to regain control of my weight.


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