Shopping for clothes

I went clothes shopping the other day. I have so many clothes that I can no longer wear anymore. Pants that are a little too tight. Shirts that are too snug. Undies that roll down. It’s disheartening to constantly be buying something one size larger.

Fortunately, my sizes have levelled off for the past 18 months or so. I hate shopping in the big & tall section, though. It makes me feel down about myself, which makes me all grumpy and stuff. I end up not having a good time at all. Which is why I don’t go clothes shopping very often. It’s a vicious circle… I was in a good mood when we left to go shopping, but once I actually got into the mall, I was pretty depressed.

I managed to find a couple pair of slacks, a couple of golf shirts, and a cool hat, all for a bit over $100. But I really want to be able to buy pants sizes that are not in the 50s. I’d like to be able to find a belt that actually fits. I’m less concerned about the shirts; I like baggy shirts, so 3X will be fine for a while. But the pants size really, really bugs me.

Le sigh…

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