Weigh-in for May 22, 2007

Weight: 331.5
Difference from last entry: +2
Difference from 2007 starting weight (335.5): -4

Oops, I’m a day late with my weigh-in. But that’s better than being more than two months late with an entry, like I was last time. So I’ll give myself a break this week. 🙂

I’m up two pounds from my last weigh-in, which was almost three months ago. Considering how much time has gone by, and the massive backslide that I had to fight against during that time, I think I’ll be happy with it. It’s the “glass half full” thing of mine. Because seriously, things could be much, much worse.

I have slipped a time or two this week, but for the most part I’m doing a lot better watching what I eat. And that is one of my main weaknesses. E and I were going through some WeightWatchers stuff last night (we are joining again). There’s a list of healthy strategies. It was interesting listing those that I already do, and those that equate to my weak points. My main weak points were sugars/sweets, not eating enough fruits/veggies, and not getting much (any) exercise. If I can concentrate on those points, I think I’ll be okay.

I am thinking that it has been too long since I’ve done an audio post here! So next week, I think I am going to do exactly that. Listen for it, coming soon! 😀


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