Sleep Deprivation Affects Moral Judgment

Well, now, this is an interesting study. Scientists have determined that sleep deprivation affects moral judgment:

Research has shown that bad sleep can adversely affect a person’s physical health and emotional well-being. However, the amount of sleep one gets can also influence his or her decision-making. A study published in the March 1st issue of the journal SLEEP finds that sleep deprivation impairs the ability to integrate emotion and cognition to guide moral judgments.

So the crux of the study is that it takes longer for someone who is sleep deprived to make a moral judgment. Which could theoretically mean that someone would start doing something, then later realize that it is not something they would normally do. Or something like that. It’s a little bit ambiguous. But it is definitely relevant for those of us who have sleep apnea. And is yet another reason to make sure that one has their apnea diagnosed and treated.

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