Weigh-in for January 9, 2007

Weight: 335
Difference from last entry: -0.5

Okay, I decided that I didn’t give myself enough credit last week. Because while it is true that I wasn’t going out-of-my-way to try and be healthier, I was having some exercise forced on me. In the form of shoveling snow. For those of you who haven’t heard, Denver (and most of Colorado) has been hit by three straight major winter storms, two of which qualified as blizzards. That left a lot of snow everywhere, and forced me to get off my butt, head outside, and dig out our driveway not just once, but multiple times.

That may not sound like fun, and trust me, it wasn’t. But it is a lot of exercise. And the good kind, the kind that gets all of those big muscles in one’s back and thighs working. Those are the muscles that burn calories and get one’s heart rate up. And those are the muscles that scream at you after shoveling 33″ of snow.

I attribute all of the weight that I’ve lost recently to shoveling. And with another snowstorm coming in this weekend, I’ll be being forced into more exercise. Hopefully that means more weight lost!


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  1. Reading this and your last post, I am impressed with your perserverence with both your blog and your weight loss goal. I don’t remember what your weight was when I first read your blog around 16 months ago. I also don’t know where your current weight falls in the
    range of weights you’ve had as an adult. In any case, the hard work of getting rid of the lbs. continues for both of us. May we both be strong in this and unwaveringly committed to our goals. (The unwaveringly part is the tough part for me.)

    The security function on your blog sucks lemons. I tried 5 times with the above message, copied it for myself, then exited your blog. I’m trying again.

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