Five steps to live longer

Yahoo! Health News has a very interesting article regarding Five Steps Help Men Live Longer

It only takes five heart-healthy lifestyle habits to significantly reduce heart disease risk in middle-aged and older men, a new study shows.Even men being treated for high blood pressure or high cholesterol showed a reduced risk of heart disease when they quit smoking, kept slim, exercised daily, drank only a moderate amount of alcohol and stuck to a healthy diet.

They make it sound so easy! The big problem is the “keep slim” part. They’re shooting for a BMI of 25. I’m nowhere in that neighborhood, obviously. But I’ve also never been close to that neighborhood. I can aspire to the other four. I have one down pat, since I don’t smoke, actually. And as I mentioned in my previous post, I don’t drink all that much. So I’ve gotta work on the healthy diet and daily exercise.

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