June 29, 2006 – Time keeps on slippin’

Weight: 331
Difference from last entry: +1

So it turns out that I learned something important about my eating patterns in the past four weeks. Specifically, how they are effected by how busy I am. The busier I am, the less attention I pay to most everything. I lose track of time and weeks slip by. But worse, I slip track of time during the day, and end up eating something simple and easy. And very unhealthy.

And that’s been my past four weeks. Too busy, too stressed to take the few minutes that is needed to plan out a good meal. So I have something from Einstein’s Bagels for breakfast, a burger or KFC for lunch, and too-much-peanut-butter-PB&J for dinner. Add in some snacks, too.

Things are going to change, and quickly. I am finally getting off of this stupid evening shift I am on. Working until 8:00pm leads directly to poor eating habits for dinner, in my opinion. It’s impossible to have a good dinner at 8:30 in the evening, at least when you’re used to life in this time zone. I’ll be working a regular 9-5 shift starting on Monday, which makes things a lot easier. Those two hours make a world of difference.

So, adding and subtracting everything that’s happened in the month of June, I’m not too horrified with gaining back some of the weight I lost in May. It could’ve been much worse, and I’m poised to start working it off again.


June 2, 2006 – Still going down

Weight: 329.5
Difference from last entry: -1.5

Another week, another solid loss. 1.5 pounds per week x 52 weeks in a year = 78 pound loss in a year. That’d put me at close to 250 pounds at this time next year. And that’s if I don’t make any further changes to my lifestyle right now! Looked at from that point of view, I’m doing fantastic!

I am very pleased with my continued success. And that success can be traced directly back to the action plan that I made a few weeks ago. That just goes to show that someone who is morbidly overweight can actually lose a lot of weight quickly just by slowing down what they are eating. I’m proof positive. 🙂

I have more to write/say here, but it is damned late, and I need to sleep. G’night!