May 13, 2006 – Doing better

Weight: 332.5
Difference from last entry: -1

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I am once again feeling a little better about things. Mainly because I actually had a good week. It wasn’t perfect, but perfection isn’t what I’m expecting of myself. I know better; I’m prone to making mistakes and getting myself off-track. Expecting perfection is setting myself up for failure. The last thing I need right now is to make things any harder on myself.

So I’ll just enjoy a mostly-good week. I’m cutting down on the bad stuff that I am eating. I’m being a little more active, mostly thanks to my little boy. 🙂 And the combination showed in a loss this week. And I’m just gonna give myself a pat on the back about that loss. Because I actually did work at this!

One of the secrets to success is having an action plan. And I’ve put one together. This addresses most of my major weaknesses. My plan includes:

  • Stop buying snacks when I’m stopping for gas for the car
  • Say “NO!” whenever a craving hits
  • Find some way to distract myself when cravings hit
  • Choose healthier meals when I eat out
  • Reduce the number of times per week I eat out
  • Reduce/limit the beverages I imbibe (aside from water, of course)
  • Drink at least 64oz of water a day
  • Get at least 10 minutes of exercise per day (increasing as much as possible every day)

For the most part, this seems like a good starting point. These are easily-achievable goals. I just need to convince myself that I can stick to them. Setting goals = easy. Sticking to them = not so much. But it’s my plan, and it’s time for me to live by it.

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