March 1, 2006 – No progress

Weight: 332
Difference from last entry: +3

Ugh, ugh, ugh. Do I even need to say anything about how I feel? I don’t want to dwell on the bad feelings right now, especially since I have taken steps to start moving forward.

First of all, I’ve started back up with eDiets. Mostly. 🙂 With me, any diet plan has to be highly flexible. I tend to have a very odd schedule, not having a lot of time for a good breakfast on the mornings that I take Colin to the babysitter, not having time for a good dinner when we get home that evening. My goal has been to spend a weekend sometime making up a ton of meals and freezing them, but I haven’t quite found time to do so. Still, just being on something that is helping me control what I eat is a Good Thing. At this point, cutting back – any cutting back – is a positive step.

We also decided to buy a treadmill for our house. It’s been much harder than I thought to get back into the habit of exercise. We both figured one thing that would help would be to get rid of the “I don’t have time to go to the gym” excuse. So we spent a hell afternoon at Costco choosing then purchasing a very nice treadmill. I had my first workout on it this evening, and I was very impressed. It’s going to be very good for us. For me.

So yeah, not a good couple of weeks past. But better weeks are coming.

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  1. Readying up a new post soon! It’s actually uber-cool to have a treadmill at home. Just don’t watch crappy movies while walking. 🙂

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