Nutrition/diet apps for Linux

Those of us who prefer to use Linux on our computers have been at a disadvantage when it comes to diet/nutrition software. Most every diet and nutritional software package is made to run on Windows. But there is software out there for Linux, if one digs deep enough. Fortunately, did a lot of the hard work for us!

DMAK installation requires downloading a binary archive from Story’s site, a .so file for Euphoria, and the current USDA food database from The pre-compiled program worked flawlessly on Ubuntu.

Shrinking Man is a free food journal that lets you record your food choices and track your weight on a daily basis. This program runs with a GTK GUI, and its calendar feature is nice for referencing historical meal plans and for planning ahead. I didn’t see a food database in this one, though, and found it tedious to manually enter each food and its caloric value.


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