February 12, 2006 – slowing down

Weight: 329
Difference from last entry: +6

[sigh] Well, I finally took G. R.‘s advice, bucked up and stepped on the scale. 329. Theoretically, things could be worse. Realistically? I feel like this is pretty much rock-bottom. I’ve gotta slow things down and start all over again.

And I’m sorta in the middle of doing just that. I’m making better choices when eating out. I’m eating out less. I’ve been to the rec center a time or two this past week. I need to work on getting the amount of water I drink way up. That’ll help out a lot with everything.

I’m basically in a holding pattern again. Now I just need a push in the right direction.

3 responses to “February 12, 2006 – slowing down”

  1. I think you should keep going… losing weight takes time. there is always going to be ups and downs. the only thing that will keep you from quiting is a helathy mind set towards working out. Belive me… if I can lose weight you can too!

  2. Thanks, GR, and thanks Chrinstine. I’m still trying to make forward progress, I’ve just gotta find a way to get out of Reverse.

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