Ten Best Ways to Maximize Your Workout Time

Peter Lopez has a very interesting article about exercise on GoArticles.com. In this article, he gives 10 tips for maximizing the time one spends exercizing. My two favorite tips:

Double up your workouts.

Add weights to your cardio routine (or vice versa) and you can start to see results within three weeks! You really see the best of both worlds by using interval training. Interval training is highly effective because you introduce your body to a new challenge every five minutes or so. Traditional cardiovascular exercises focus on building aerobic capacity while weightlifting concentrates on increasing muscle strength. Combining the two into one interval training workout means you get benefits from both!

Add variety.

The fastest way to become disillusioned with your workout is to do the same thing over and over again, plus your body can become conditioned to the movements and fail to burn as many calories as you would like. Avoid all this by surprising your body with new and different challenges at least once a week. If you typically run several times during the week, try hiking at a nearby park. If you’re a Spinning devotee, take a Pilates class instead. The ultimate switch-up for most exercisers is swimming: an exercise that requires much more aerobic and muscle strength that imagined. Do a few laps in the pool and you’ll see what I mean.

I am a man of routines, so anything that messes with my routine can cause big problems. But I see the logic in what Lopez is saying. Especially with regards to keeping my body from getting used to a certain form of exercise. Walking at the rec center is very calming; I’m reticent to give it up for something else. But it’s time for me to vary my workout.

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