Increasing strength via weight-lifting

Another cool article via GoArticles (I wish they didn’t make getting to their articles such a pain in the ass) regarding how to increase strength without spending hours at the gym.

Some body builders lift weights for more than six hours a day, but you don’t have to waste that much time to become very strong. Training for weight lifting is done in sets. A set of ten means that you lift and lower a heavy weight ten times continuously before you rest. If you repeat these sets of ten three times with a rest period between each set, you have done three sets of ten.

Pick 6 to 10 weight-machine exercises and do them in three sessions a week. In each exercise, try to lift the heaviest weight that you can lift comfortably ten times in a row without hurting yourself. When an exercise becomes easy, increase the weight. In five months, you should be able to increase your strength significantly and be proud of your larger muscles.

I hope this is correct, because it is basically what I am doing. Though I do 15 reps, not 10. I haven’t noticed an increase in strength yet, but really, how would one notice that?

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  1. Biffster,
    I came across your blog through GR Hamm’s Twice the Man blog and just wanted to pass on some words of encouragement. You are not alone out there. I’m also trying to alter my lifestyle so I can achieve my weight loss goals. Anyway, I just wanted to say hi and tell you to keep at it. I’ll be checking in on you, and if you’d like to reciprocate you can find my blog at

    Wishing you good things,

  2. Thanks, Roder. I’ve nabbed your RSS feed and added it to my list. I’ll be reading regularly. I tend to get very far behind on posting/responding to comments, but just ‘cuz I don’t speak up doesn’t mean I’m not around. 🙂

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