High carbs plus protein could help heart

As I’ve mentioned many times here, I worry consistently about my heart’s health. I’m worried that I’m gonna have some type of heart disease, or that I am on-track for a heart attack. This fear has provided me with some motivation to get rid of weight. But it also makes me keep an eye out for studies showing anything beneficial to a person’s heart. And I do tend to find a lot of articles related to heart health.

One of my favorite recent articles is from Boston.com, regarding a change to diet that can help a person’s heart.

Deciding what to have for a healthy breakfast just got a little easier. While a healthy high-carb diet has been shown to be good for you, replacing a few of the carbohydrates with a little protein like scrambled egg substitute or beneficial fats like olive oil margarine could be even better, helping further reduce heart disease risks, a study found.

This is very encouraging, especially since it is something that I can easily do. I already tend to eat healthy high-carb breakfasts (bran flakes, whole-wheat breads). Cutting back a little on the carbs and adding in some protein really isn’t a problem for me. Using something like olive oil margarine fits right in with the Mediterannean Diet, which we are still following (when we have time to cook). And that is the key to any new diet: one has to be able to follow it. I can’t do low-carb diets. I can’t do high-protein diets. But I can do this.

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