Friends and family can sabotage weight-loss?

There’s an interesting article on regarding a surprising challenge to someone trying to lose weight: sabotage by friends or family. I’ve actually talked with people who said they’ve had a friend or husband that subtly and apparently unconsciously sabotaged the person’s attempt at weight loss.

One of the biggest obstacles to any weight loss plan is getting around the many subtle and not so subtle ways that family and friends use to sabotage your diet. While they may not even be aware that they are doing it, the tactics used by those closest to us have the potential to be the downfall of even our most well intentioned efforts to lose weight.

In some cases, family and friends feel insecure regarding your plans to lose weight and thus may begin practicing various tactics that are aimed at de-railing your diet plans. They may complain about the amount of time that you spend working out; deliberately schedule other activities that conflict with your scheduled exercise times; shower you with tempting and fattening foods and in the worst case scenarios make pointed observations that you don’t look as though you’ve lost weight or make predictions that you will just gain all the weight you’ve lost right back.

I can’t recall this ever happening to me. Though I have done things like brought home a quart of ice cream while Erin is trying to eat healthily, which might amount to the same thing.

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