Scary studies regarding sleep apnea

The New England Journal of Medicine came out with a couple of very scary studies regarding sleep apnea. The first study regarded central sleep apnea and heart failure. The results aren’t good, even when patients are treated with CPAP. I don’t have central sleep apnea, so I just glanced over this study.

The second study provides strong support that obstructive sleep apnea is likely involved in causing strokes, transient ischemic attack or sudden death, he says.

The troubling part of this study is that most people in it were already receiving treatment for obstructive sleep apnea, Dr. Somers says. “So is the stroke risk even higher for people not being treated, and how much do patients benefit from treatment?” he asks.

Now that is scary. Stroke risk increased even when treated with CPAP? Eek! If there’s a possibility you have sleep apnea, go in to your physician and ask for a sleep study. It’s a scary condition, and you absolutely need to have it treated.

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