November 15, 2005 – Not doing myself any favors

Weight: 322
Difference from last entry: +1

Well, I didn’t do myself any favors this week. I’ve been misbehavin’ when it comes to my food choices. But I had a good reason this week at least. We had a surprise birthday party weekend for Erin! This led to many meals which weren’t exactly healthy, along with desserts, snacks and alcohol. All work against weight loss, but all were quite fun and well worth it. Happy early Birthday, Sweetie!

On the plus side, exercise mostly off-set my naughtiness again. I’ve settled into a routine that gets me an averge of 45 minutes of exercise a day. That’s obviously having good effects on me. Not just in offsetting weight gain or in reduced body size, but also in general fitness. I notice I am less out-of-breath after I walk the two flights of stairs into the office. And that has to be a good thing, right?

Looking at my calendar, I see Thanksgiving coming up! Uh-oh! 🙂

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