What a walk…. 3.5 miles!

Wow. I had what is, without a doubt, my best exercise day in forever. I woke up early and went to the rec center this morning. I walked for 2 miles, then went through a circuit of weights (mainly upper-body). I felt both energized and worn out afterwards. I didn’t take a lunch with me, though, and when lunchtime rolled around, I decided that I would walk over to Subway. Subway’s almost exactly .75 miles away from work, so the round-trip was another 1.5 miles.

So ring me up for 3.5 miles for today. I think that more than makes up for my no-exercise day yesterday!

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  1. This is hasty_smurf from livejournal. Way to go you! I’m really enjoying hearing about your progress. Your motivation is very inspiring. Keep up the great work!

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