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Portion control

Interesting newsbit linked from the Health and Fitness Blog re portion control. Apparently, researches have found that “people tend to eat more if they are served more. Be very conscious of this fact when dishing up plates for you and your family, particularly your children.”

In other words, if you are given a larger portion, you will eat more. Even if you aren’t hungry, or aren’t particularly enthused about what you are eating. This automatically means it’s not a good idea to eat out at chain restaurants, since most chains are going with bigger and bigger portion sizes.

I must store this bit of information somewhere easily accessible.

Diet Habits

Five steps to successful weight loss

The surprisingly difficult to link to is running an excellent article titled “Successful Weight Loss in Five Easy Steps”. I don’t know if I’d call the steps easy, per se, but they are very logical. The author, Marie Gordon, sounds like she has personal experience battling weight issues.

The steps are:

Take It One Step At A Time.
Assess Your Dietary Needs And Lifestyle.

Awareness is the key, so take some time to learn about your specific dietary needs (caloric intake) and daily energy requirements for example. We’re talking a basic understanding here, and not having to go into any great detail.

Seek Advice From Friends And Trusted Authorities.


Start Creating A System Of Support.


Use Your Resources.

Definitely check out the full article. It’s good stuff.


Study says Mediterranean diet good for the heart

There’s a new study out which seems to confirm that the Mediterranean diet is good for a person’s heart. The study compared the Med diet against a standard low-fat diet. Both do good things for a person, but the Med diet was even better.

While study participants did not follow all diet recommendations, the researchers found, eating habits did change in both groups. Study participants took in fewer calories and consumed more proteins and carbohydrates and less total fat and saturated fat. Both groups showed a small but significant drop in body mass index.

Among people on the Mediterranean diet, total cholesterol dropped by 7.5 percent, and it fell by 4.5 percent in the low-fat diet group. Based on this reduction, the researchers write, overall cardiovascular risk fell 15 percent with the Mediterranean diet and 9 percent with the low fat diet.

The more I read about the Med diet, the more convinced I am that this is what I need to be on. I just need to find time and motivation to cook up the meals in advance. It’s a great diet, but the food is not exactly easy to prepare.