Water aerobics! (Well, sorta.)

As I’ve mentioned here a few times, I really, really want to get into water aerobics. But I’ve been having a hard time battling both a crazy schedule and my own insecurities about my body in a swimming suit. So I hadn’t quite gotten to a class yet. I have been eyeing a new Water Walking class which started up at the new rec center here in Highlands Ranch. The rec center has an indoor “river,” a current-driven pool. The walking classes take place in that river. From the description of the class, I figured this was a beginners class, basically an “easy” version of water aerobics that I could use to get started before I moved to a water aerobics class.

So I dropped in on a class yesterday morning. And after 5 minutes, I realized that I was very wrong about the “easy” assumption. Turns out that, while there is a lot of walking into and against the currents in the “river,” the class also integrates many of the standard water aerobics activities into the workout. So one has to try to – for example – do a wrestler run into the current in the “river.” While this was easy for some of the 60+ year old women in the class, it was not so easy for me.

By about the 25 minute mark of the class, I was seriously thinking of calling it a day. But the instructor had warned us newbies (fortunately, I wasn’t alone in that regards) that we might get winded very quickly, and if that happened, to just slow down and walk instead of trying the exercises. And I actually remembered to do that. Had I not, I never would’ve made it through the whole hour.

It wasn’t so much that I was winded. Though there were a couple points where I was breathing pretty heavily. My main problem were the muscles in my calf. My calf kept trying to cramp up on me. It was murder! I’ve never used that set of muscles for that long in my life. It hurt like a mother. And it made me look like a weak fool.

But at the end of the hour I was still on my feet and moving. Which is a good thing. And I’m going back Monday morning, which is an even better thing. Hopefully eventually my calves get used to this.

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