Soda and weight loss

The writers at Health and Fitness Blog have some strong feelings about drinking soda while trying to lose weight:

If you are still drinking “sugar water? you are unlikely to be successful in either reaching or maintaining a healthy weight. Fully sweetened colas and similar drinks contain around 160 calories each, enough to add around 16 pounds to your body weight if you have one a day for a year and don’t cut back somewhere else. All liquids and particularly soda pop tend to be “empty? calories that don’t sate your appetite; they also provide very little nutrition. You must avoid them if you want to lose weight.

Those are stern words. But are they true? I’ve gotta say I don’t believe them. I think that soda, like anything else, can be had in moderation when one is trying to lose wegiht. Sure, you can’t drink a fully-sweetened soda every day and expect to lose weight. But having one a week? Especially if you account for the calories? I don’t see a big problem with that. Variety is the key to successful diet change, after all. As is not having any “forbidden” foods, but instead limiting (sometimes severely) the amount of less-healthy foods one consumes.

This article seems a little overboard to me.

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