It’s Not Just About Dieting… ( has a fun article up right now about the importance of exercise in a weight loss program. I fully agree that exercise is critical. It’s always been challenging for me to add exercise to my routine. And apparently, I’m not alone:

Then as the days go on, they find it increasingly difficult to meet the domestic and professional demands and so their routine slows down and finally comes to a complete workout burn out. In other words, they stop working out completely. It is a universal fact that the most chosen time for work outs is the evenings. If you can stick to work out in the evenings then it is well and good. But most of us find ourselves exhausted in the evenings. We find ourselves physically and mentally drained. And at that time our bodies will be just too tired for a work out.

The result is that after the first few days of working out, the interest just dwindles away.

Heh! That sounds exactly like me, and previous attempts at starting a regular exercise routine! Fortunately, I’ve been doing much better this time around. Hopefully, I can keep this up.

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