October 2, 2005

Weight: 324.5
Difference from last weigh-in: -0.5

Well, that was kinda depressing. I though I had a fairly good week, and was expecting to see a bigger weight loss than just a half a pound. Though looking back, I can see a few places where I ingested calories that I didn’t need. This was mostly from beverages, which continue to be a problem for me. But there’s times when one needs caffeine. And when a can of Mountain Dew is the handiest form of caffeine available, what’s one to do?

I know, I know, say “no” to the soda. Which is what I should’ve done. At over 200 calories a can, soda just isn’t worth it. I’ve gotta be able to do sugar-free skim milk-based coffee, or a fruit smoothie with some type of natural form of caffeine added to it. At least in those cases I get some nutritional value for the calories.

My main goal is increasing my activity level. And I’ve been doing a good job of it. As I mentioned in an earlier post (or maybe it’s one I haven’t posted yet….) I’ve been doing a good job getting out and walking. I’m also trying to overcome my fear of being in a bathing suit in public. If I can, then there are some good classes being offered at the local rec center. My goal is to start with water walking, then build my way up to an aquatic aerobics class. Water aerobics is an awesome workout!

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