Getting started with exercise

There’s an awesome article running at Go Articles regarding exercise. Specifically, the article gives a number of tips for “Getting started with exercise when you really don’t want to.” This article seems to have been written specifically for me. I am so bad at getting started on an exercise routine! As long-time readers here know.

What I’m even worse at is starting, but then stopping immediately afterwards. The article even gives advice for those of us prone to that:

6. Be consistent

With a gentle exercise like walking be consistent and keep it up every day. It’s too easy to let a day off extend into a week and then it’s hard to get going again. If you do end up taking a break just go right back where you were. Don’t try and make up for a day off by doubling your efforts the next day. Also if you do a lot on one day and feel the painful effects of some new activity, still try and do your walk the next day, even if you have to go a bit slower than normal. It helps you turn exercise into a habit.

Exercise into a habit? Sounds absolutely wonderful to me!

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