What causes a “stitch” in your side during exercise?

Now I find this very interesting. Have you ever wondered what causes one’s side to hurt during exercise? I always have. That’s one of the excuses tI use to avoid strenous activity. I hate that “stitch” feeling, and don’t want to do anything that can trigger it. But what causes it?

Fortunately, someone sent AskYahoo that very question. And AskYahoo provided an answer:

The liver “hangs” from the diaphragm by fibrous bands called ligaments. Running exerts a steady downward force on your liver, stretching these ligaments. In addition, when you exhale (usually as your left foot hits the ground), your diaphragm is pushed up. That means your liver falls with gravity as your diaphragm rises, placing considerable strain on those poor ligaments.

They give advice for how to prevent this from happening: take deep, full breaths instead of quick, shallow breaths. This’ll keep one’s diaphragm in the right place at least half of the time.

There’s one less excuse I have for not exercising! 🙂

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