September 26, 2005 – Different format for this journal

Weight: 325
Difference from last weigh-in: +2

One of the problems with updating this journal as infrequently as I had been is that I can’t relate time frames to weight fluctuations. When updating weekly, it’s easy to see that my behaviour on one week directly led to my weight increase/decrease for that week. But only weighing in every two-four weeks makes this impossible. That leads to me scratching my head, wondering how I could have gained two pounds, since I’ve been pretty good lately.

I’m guessing that, if I were weighing in more often, I’d have seen a spike in my weight about three weeks ago, and then a slow decline since then. But I cannot be sure. I can only guess. This is why I need to weigh in more frequently. Which means updating this journal more frequently.

Fortunately, this ties right into a change that I want to make to this journal. I really want to treat this as combination weblog and journal. I come across websites with really good information about weight loss or nutrition or exercise, but then quickly forget about them. I am going to start keeping a log of these websites here, so I can refer back to them. And maybe this log can help you out, too!

Using this journal as a weblog has the added bonus of making sure I update more often. If I am adding to the log three or four times a week, then there’s no excuse not to weigh in and post a personal entry at least weekly. Talk about killing two birds with one stone! 🙂

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