Mediterranean Diet?

I’m not one to fall for the diet fad du jour. I managed to avoid the whole ultra-low-carb Atkins craze completely. I knew that I couldn’t do without carbs, and that to even try was just being silly. But on the other hand, I also haven’t been losing much weight. I guess that puts me and Atkins-dropouts at the same place.

However, there is a new fad that interests me: the so-called Mediterranean diet.

The important aspects of the Mediterranean diet are high intakes of cereals, grains, vegetables, dried beans, olive oil, garlic, fresh herbs, seafood, and fruit. Wine is taken with food in moderation. Meat and poultry are also eaten in moderation, with poultry more frequently served than red meat. Animal fats in the form of butter, cream and lard are not included in the diet.

For the most part, I am practically eating this type of diet already. Minus the olive oil, seafood and wine. Turns out that there might be some major benefits to this diet, the biggest of which is a suggestion that “a Mediterranean-style Step I diet may help reduce recurrent events in patients with heart disease.” As one who is very concerned about heart disease and heart attacks, this is barking right up my alley!

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