Supersized seating triggers “booth wars”

Interesting article over at CalorieLab Calorie Counter News regarding the size of booths in restaurants:

Scott Padgitt of Petersen Furniture, Inc. in Park Ridge, Illinois, explains that the standard “body space” between table edge and booth back has traditionally been around 16 to 18 inches. His company is now offering expanded frames, which afford an extra 1-1/2 to 3 inches per side. These supersized “cluster units” are especially popular in employee lunchroom facilities and truck stops, Padgitt notes. But an article in the Detroit News reports that a recently remodeled family restaurant installed an even bigger booth with a whopping 23- to 24-inch space from backrest to table to accommodate its obese patrons.

I’m a big man, and fitting into normal-sized booths is often impossible. I don’t expect restaurants to change because of my lack of willpower, however. I can sit at a table, after all. But my favorite solution to the booth problem is having a booth with a movable table. I can slide it towards my slimmer eating partner (who is normally my wife Erin) and give myself enough space to fit comfortably, and this doesn’t impact smaller patrons.

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