August 18, 2005 – Procrastination

Current weight: 324
Difference from last entry: -4

I can’t remember whether or not I have used “Procrastination” as the title for one of my entries in the past or not. If I haven’t, I should have. Because it’s one of my defining characteristics. I’ve never met a task that I couldn’t put off ’til tomorrow. Including the homework that I assigned myself on my last entry here: waking up early to get some walking in. I haven’t done this yet. I meant to do this the week after I posted my last entry. I had every intention of doing so.

But then I was able to put it off because we had a busy week. And the next week was semi-busy, too, so I was able to say, “Ah, I’ll do it next week, once things get quiet here.” And then I forgot all about it. Seriously! I didn’t remember what I had planned until I read last month’s entry 5 minutes ago. Oops!

On the plus side, I’ve had a pretty good month. I’ve been eating just a little bit better than normal. But the big difference is that I’ve been making myself be more active. In small ways. Like I’ll take Colin outside and play with him in the back yard instead of laying down on the hammock watching him play. When I remember, we walk down to the mailbox instead of driving. It’s the small things that can make big differences, because they add up.

I am actually having a fairly good week food-wise this week. I’m watching what I’m eating, and am making better choices in the foods that I eat. It’s easy to forget that this isn’t easy to do. I have to make a conscious effort to improve choices and the amount of food that I eat. I have my watch out to function as an anchor and a constant reminder to make good choices.

I know, this is kind of a boring entry. It’s the middle of summer: most updates are boring! I did realize again that, while I love sweet stuff, I am fairly picky about what I actually like. Most of the bad stuff I buy to eat, I don’t even like! And the calories are definitely not worth it. I need to make myself stop when I go to eat something that I don’t like, simply ‘cuz I want the sweet taste. If I’m gonna have sweets, they’d better taste good enough to justify what they do to my weight.

More later.
– Biffster

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