Sleep inertia

Wow, imagine that. There is an actual, documented medical condition which explains why I can’t take naps. Well, I can take a nap, but when I wake up I feel even more tired than I did before napping. I feel like I can’t think clearly, and I feel very clumsy. It’s a horrible feeling, bad enough that I almost never take naps – even when I really need some extra sleep.

Turns out, this is a fairly-well-known phenomenon known as Sleep Inertia. Per “Sleep inertia is a physiological state characterised by a decline in motor dexterity and a subjective feeling of grogginess, immediately following an abrupt awakening from deep sleep. Typically, sleep inertia lasts between 1 and 30 minutes.”

I guess I had always assumed this was due to my sleep apnea. Though I feel like crap after a nap even if I hook myself up to the CPAP machine, so I guess I should’ve realized it wasn’t that.

I swear… maybe Dao is trying to tell me that I shouldn’t sleep! That means more time for video games. [grin]


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