June 12, 2005: Holding on

Weight: 328
Difference from last entry: 0

Well, things could definitely be worse! As I said in my last entry, the most important thing that I needed to do was to realize that I had lost control over what I was eating, and try to correct that. Not try to start losing weight again. There’s nothing more dangerous than trying to force one’s self to lose weight when one isn’t motivated. That’s the type of thing that leads to binges and stark increases in weight. I have first-hand experience with this.

Instead, my goal was to try and limit the bad stuff that I was eating. To have, for example, one donut instead of four in a morning. To have one soda in the afternoon, instead of three. And I have done this. I am controlling and limiting what I am eating to what is, for me, a more normal level. Now that I’ve regained control, I plan on holding on until I get motivated enough to start trying to lose again.

I have found a new way to get some exercise into my routine: taking Colin to the park! We’ll walk to the a park that’s a good 10 minute (or so) walk. So that’s 20 minutes not just walking, but pushing Colin in his stroller. Add in some running around the park, and it is a decent workout. Hell, compared to the activity I normally do, it’s a marathon!

So yeah, I’m holding on. But things are definitely looking better.

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