April 26, 2005 – Routines

Weight: 327
Difference from last entry: +3

I am a man of routines. Once I start doing something a certain way, I will continue to do it that way until something makes me change. This is not necessarily a bad thing. I can sometimes be very efficient at what I am doing because of this. Following routines allows me to focus more on areas of life that are dynamic without having to deal with the static parts of life. As an example, when I lost weight, I did so mainly because of routines. I started eating healthy, got into that habit, and then went onto cruise control.

Unfortunately, routines are a two-edged sword. Once I pick up a bad routine, it’s very difficult to shake it off. Over the past couple of weeks, one of my routines is stopping for breakfast on my way to work. Since I haven’t found a fast-food restaurant that serves healthy breakfast, that means I’ve been routinely eating very unhealthy breakfasts. Which has a chain-effect. With an unhealthy breakfast, I tend to get hungrier faster than normal. So I want something for lunch that I can eat quickly. And what’s faster than a burger and fries from a drive-thru?

As is the norm, Erin is helping me to get out of my current unhealthy routines. She’s given me the push I need to try and get things back under control. So far this week, I haven’t stopped for breakfast, and I’ve been eating healthy lunches. If I can get myself to slide into this routine, things should work out well.

Now that I think about it, this is – at the very least an excuse, but also possibly a valid reason why it’s been so hard to work exercise into my schedule. Because I haven’t found a way to make exercise into a routine. If I can do that, things would definitely get a little easier…


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