April 5, 2005

Current weight: 324
Difference from last entry: 0

Interesting couple of weeks. There were three major events: first, my son and wife ended up with a case of the flu. They were very sick for a couple of days. And that really freaked me out. And good ol dependable Mikey does what I always do when I’m freaked out: eat. Next, I caught the flu. So I spent the next weekend plus not eating. So those two events kinda balanced each other out.

Third, and most recently, I’ve started to realize that I am way behind on working on my masters thesis. I want to graduate sometime this century, so I cannot afford to be procrastinating as much as I am. The thesis is a major undertaking. It’s going to take me months to complete it. And I’ve been procrastinating for months. Theoretically, I should’ve been done by now! Needless to say, I’ve been eating bad stuff to deal with the stress.

So, add all that up, and I end up at the same place weight-wise that I was 22 days ago.

I’m thinking that I need to start exercising. Not just to lose weight. Actually, losing weight isn’t even a consideration. I think that exercise will help relieve some of my stress. And I can definitely use some stress relief.

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