New blog – for computer geeks!

I’ve been trying to keep this journal free from most everything but weight issues. I put anything related to my views on today’s world on my Point of View blog, and personal information on my LiveJournal. But there’s been one topic that I love that I haven’t really had a place for: technology. I’m a computer geek. It is one of my defining characteristics. And yet I’ve had nowhere to write about computer-geeky stuff. ’til now, that is.

I have created another ‘blog (‘cuz lord knows I don’t have enough to keep me busy as it is). Biffster’s Computer Geek ‘Blog is now open!

For those of you who read my journal via your friends page, here are the links to my various blogs: (weight issues)
Biffster’s Point of View (current events and political)
Biffster’s Computer Geek ‘Blog
Personal journal
Audioscrobbler (music log)
Photo Gallery

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