March 14, 2005

Weight: 324
Difference from last entry: -1

Hmmm… Something I am doing is definitely working. One pound may not seem like a lot to shout out about, but it is. The best way to lose weight is to do it slowly. One to two pound a week losses are the best way to go. So a one-pound loss is good.

Looking back on the week, it could’ve been more. I’ve had times where I cheated just a bit. Nothing major. A donut one morning (because workmates brought them in to be “nice”), an extra bagel for lunch, a cafe mocha instead of water. Added all together, though, it is a pretty large number of calories that snuck in. If I can start getting rid of these, the weight will melt off.

I think I’m going to start carrying a food journal with me. It’s a pain in the neck, but can be quite effective. It adds a layer of accountability, and servers as a reminder to make the most out of calories.

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