March 11, 2005

No weigh-in yet this week, ‘cuz I’ve been lazy. My guess is that I stayed the same. If there’s any change, I might’ve gained a pound. It’s been a fair week, but nothing to shout out about.

My biggest problem this week was not drinks, amazinlgy enough. It’s workmates. People keep bringing in donuts and bagels. I even contributed to the problem, bringing in some bagels myself! It is very hard to eat well when there are many people around you who are not eating well. Those skinny bastards! [laughing]

I also didn’t do too well this weekend. Well, actually, it was mostly Saturday. Erin and I took Colin to the zoo, and we had a lot of bad stuff through the day. Actually, it was mostly the same bad stuff: ice cream. Though I didn’t actually get to drink my shake, now that I think about it. And I was able to resist a rootbeer float. Hmm… maybe I didn’t do as bad as I thought.

Oh, the zoo had one other detrimental effect on my weight: it ruined my sneakers! This is my only pair, so now that they are toast, I can’t work out at the local rec center. I will need to buy a new set of workout shoes ASAP. I think I’m going to get a pair of Reebok’s walking shoes…

On the plus side, I’ve been making better choices recently. Just today, I was in the car driving out to get something to drink for lunch, and talked myself out of it. I also made myself go to bed last night, when I really wanted to do some snacking. These are all very minor adjustments, but when added up together, can lead to some major changes.

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