Drinks, drinks, drinks

Damn, my biggest problem is still drinks. I know that I should drink pretty much nothing but water. But that is so hard to do! I’ve gotten myself severely hooked on coffee. And it’s hard to let it go. So hard, that I actually drink coffee out of the machine at work. And you can probably guess how “good” that coffee is. It’s also probably fairly calorie-intensive, as it has cream and sugar and hot chocolate in it. I could be nice to my body and save myself some calories, if I would just forget about coffee and stick with water. But I … just can’t … seem to do it.

I’ve also started up with another addiction, but this one I’m less worried about. I got hooked on Jamba Juice’s smoothies. Specfically, their EnLIGHTened smoothies, which clock in at a little under 300 calories for 24 ounces. 300 calories might seem like a lot for a drink, but I don’t use it as a drink. I use it to take the place of my afternoon snack and about 100 calories from lunch. A 24-ounce smoothie is quite filling, and is packed with good stuff (including protein).

So my goal is to get rid of all drinks but water. And to replace two-three snacks a week with smoothies (I’ve mostly done this already).

Other than that, I think I am doing pretty well so far <knock on wood>. We’re a solid two weeks into my re-re-restarting, and I’m feeling pretty confident!


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